MagCanica's Approach
The name "MagCanica" also reflects the uniquely interdisciplinary nature of our company's approach to engineering and product development. Our design philosophy views the various engineering disciplines in the broadest of terms, without excessive regard for the delineations and classifications often imposed by many educational systems. Rather, we follow a systems-based approach even at the detailed component level, striving to understand and harness nature's laws at every stage. With strong expertise in areas as diverse as mechanical design, magnetics, metallurgy, electronics, signals and systems, mechatronics, and control systems, MagCanica is uniquely equipped to successfully solve the most challenging problems across a variety of industries. Furthermore, our team members have a base of knowledge and experience that is marked by a unique balance between theory and practice, analysis and design, evolution and innovation. Working closely as a small but highly dedicated group, MagCanica can leverage this focused approach to help its clients achieve significant benefits that in many other development environments would otherwise be unattainable.