Careers & Recruiting
MagCanica offers exciting full-time, part-time, and summer internship opportunities for mechanical, electrical, and aerospace engineers to carry out a variety of challenging engineering projects while gaining high levels of responsibility early in their careers.

Below is an outline of the types of projects that MagCanica carries out and the areas in which we are involved.

Torque Sensing and Control
  • Motorsport Application Engineering: Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR, ALMS
    Driveshaft (halfshaft) torque
    Clutch shaft (transmission input shaft) torque
    Secondary shaft (mainshaft) torque
    KERS Motor-Generator Unit (MGU) torque
    Engine and transmission dynamometer torque
  • Aerospace Application Engineering: Engines, Rotors
    Turboshaft and turboprop engine torque
    Helicopter main rotor torque
    Helicopter tail rotor torque
  • Research & Development
    Signal conditioning electronics and signal processing
    Experimental testing
    FEA and analytical modeling

Rate-of-Change (ROC) of Torque Sensing and Control
  • Formula 1 Clutch shaft (transmission input shaft) ROC sensor development
  • Formula 1 KERS Motor-Generator Unit (MGU) application engineering
  • CNC Machine tool monitoring: signal processing
  • Oil drilling tool preventive failure detection: hardware design and algorithm development

Mechatronic System Development
  • Design of a Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) scanner system based on the Drag Force Method of detection for the pipeline industry
  • Design of precision magnetizing equipment - hardware and control system design
  • In-house speed dynamometer development and test engineering